Well hello there, nice to meet you! I am Marie Strootman, a 29 years old marketeer and a passionate creative. I may sound like a Canadian mixed with a bit of Kiwi, but don’t be misguided: my roots lie in The Netherlands! My partner Luke is a true Kiwi, a professional tiler and a big outdoors man. Since meeting him, I have made New Zealand my home and started helping out local businesses grow their brand by helping them with copywriting, photographing and all things marketing.

All things marketing

Ever since graduating University in 2012, I have dedicated all my time to working on creative strategies and making (online) content for dozens of different clients and brands. Today I am an experienced marketeer and my main strengths are strategy execution, (SEO) copywriting, creative concept design and content creating. I’ve also picked up Graphic Design and photography as an extra skill and hobby. I’ve enjoyed working on many interesting projects in a variety of industries and eventually I started self employment to further explore my communications skills. 

Want to know more about my skills? Click into my work to see photography projects, read about my copywriting or what kind of marketing projects I am familiar with.

But enough about me, what’s up with you? I’d love to know more about you as a person, your business or what project you might need help with. Don’t hesitate to flick me a message or give me a bell so we can plan a casual meet up over a cuppa.

✉ mariekestrootman@hotmail.com

☎ 027 258 90 62

☟ Christchurch, Canterbury

I’m keen to meet you!