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De vader van Marie Vliegt: San Diego, the birthplace of California

San Diego (Spanish for Saint Dedicus) is the eighth biggest American city and as expected very Mexican orientated. We find that in the radio stations, the food, the inhabitants and the old city, a very nice area that seems to exist of only Cantinas and Haciendas. We stay at the Kona Kai Hotel. When we arrive, our car and luggage are directly taken over by young helpful guys and 5 minutes later we enter a beautiful room with a huge bed. Marieke will spend 2 hours a day in the bathroom for the next two days and indeed it is really life in luxury here. First Marieke enjoys a nice sauna while her father sweats in the gym. During the first evening I am treated by my daughter in the Rockin’ Baja Lobster an authentic Mexican place with great (sea) food. Day two we hit the Fashion outlet centre followed by sniffing some culture in the Balboa Park. There are graduation festivities going on in the park. The local music school big band plays jazz standards so daddio in his element. We spend the late afternoon in the comfortable hotel we have a wonderful diner at the hotel with a great band that sings and plays splendid West Coast music. We can sing along every song from the Eagles, Santana, Toto, etc. It is a cloudy morning on Saturday when we hit the road again for our final destination, Anaheim, the birthplace of the first Disney Park. Disney addict Marieke is as you can imagine very exited when we leave, although she will miss the Kona Kai (bath) room as well.

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