The past few years I have dedicated all my time to working on creative strategies and making (online) content for dozens of different clients and brands. I’ve enjoyed working on many interesting projects in a variety of industries and eventually I started self employment to further explore my communications skills. Today I am an experienced marketeer and my main strengths are strategy execution, (SEO) copywriting, creative concept design and content creating. I am used to working with the many Adobe programs, have picked up professional photography as an extra skill (and hobby) and go to extreme lengths to get where I need to go. I am also familiar with a working budget and setting up & meeting targets.

Due to my experience in different commercial roles I’ve always worked as a “Jack of all trades”: I have even worked as a graphic designer and strategy executioner at the same time. I know what is important in every field of marketing and make it my day-to-day job to endeavour the best possible outcome for the company I work for. 

My list of skills:

  • Online communication
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing
  • (SEO) copywriting
  • Creative writing
  • Brand management
  • Sales
  • Graphic design
  • Basic website design
  • Content creation
  • Photography
  • InDesign
  • PhotoShop
  • Illustrator